This week I read a post on about the importance of a “to don’t” list. That got me to thinking about creating a list of “to don’ts” that inside sales professionals should use.  Here’s my list:

Don’t Do This . . . Instead Do This . . .
  • Wing it.
  • Lead in with a list of features and awards your company has won.
  • Ask the customer about his or her current challenges, opportunities, etc., and segue into a customer-centric conversation about your product service.
  • Waste time chasing any and every lead.
  • Use lead scoring to ensure the next-best lead is followed up with first.
  • Leave “not ready to buy” leads to languish in a database.
  • Create email nurturing and follow up reminders that help you stay in the loop with your prospect for when he or she is ready to buy.
  • Stumble over yourself leaving voice mail messages.
  • Use message drop technology to help you leave the perfect voice mail each time while you quickly move on to the next great opportunity.
  • Risk quality assurance by not listening in on new hire’s phone calls.
  • Ignore social media as a means of prospecting.
  • Integrate social selling into your current prospecting practices and leverage the data and interactions to warm up cold calls.
  • Give up after just a few calls.
  • Talk too much.
  • Ask questions and listen intently. Mr. Inside Sales, Mike Brooks, suggests using your mute button to help you resist the temptation to interrupt.

What else would you add to the “to don’t” list?

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