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Pump Up Your Email Campaigns with Drip Email

You just wrapped up an amazing email campaign. The response rate was impressive and you’re pleased with the results. While you have reason to be proud, you realize that future subscribers will miss out unless you re-launch the campaign at some point in the future. Alas, you don’t want to do that because it would …

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Feature Focus: Email Drip Campaigns

Do you need help sending out emails for your company? Email drip allows you to set up different campaigns that will send out emails to your contacts based on triggers. It is easy to set up. Create your campaigns with different rules to send out an email to your clients days, weeks, or months after your call based on your triggers. For example, if you leave a message for a client, you can set this up so an email will go out a week after you left the message. You can even set it up to send out an email before you make a call to a client. Email drip also helps you setup an email footer and unsubscribe link that will be included in each email.

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